• We help financial institutions and other related businesses such as payments and third party processing companies to benchmark their business and operations against industry best practices, best in class as well as with industry peers.
  • TABInsights can conduct benchmarking studies across various business lines using its own proprietary methodology to assist clients across all verticals including retail, transaction, risk, technology performance. In particular, the benchmarking services are designed to review your institution’s position in the current market, vis-à-vis its existing competition, customer base and market maturity. Your core competencies in relation to key competitors (local, regional and global) peers including new digital banks, fintech competitors etc are assessed. Data and actionable insights to monitor your market performance is also provided to guide your long-term strategy.
  • Over the years, TABInsights has developed a library of templates comprising data, emerging best practices and industry standards of performance that allow the accurate determination of a client’s performance relative to its industry peer group. A team of our researchers and industry experts will use this library to quantitatively evaluate your institution’s performance from the viewpoint of the key drivers we have identified in the retail financial services industry.
  • We benchmark and have access to best-in-class and selected peers that demonstrate leadership in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world. Our modelling techniques are tested, reinforced and regularly updated through constant use
  • We are independent. We are not beholden to any third party views, nor do we work with any expectations of subsequent consulting assignments. We are strictly neutral and independent of any players in our assessment. “We take a view”. All our assessments are predicated by a view that the best banks are those that demonstrate a long-term, sustainable and profitable franchise.
  • Timely, effective, continuous benchmarking. We constantly update our data fields based on continuous conversations with the community. If there are trends to be detected from recent movements in the data, you will know about it.
  • Our researchers have strong domain knowledge. Our in-house researchers are specialists with domain knowledge in the subject matters and who have access to primary players in the marketplace; we are not generalist management consultants. Our pool of external subject matter experts. Our in-house researchers are augmented by a pool of highly experienced industry experts, mostly ex-practitioners
  • Tailored to your needs. Each assignment, from the data selected to the conclusions made, is highly tailored to meet bank’s specific business objectives. At any level. Our engagements can be packaged for board level, or workshops at executive senior management levels

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